Instantly become a backyard hero Pitmaster by easily adding the Smoke Plate slow smoking accessory to your Weber 22 inch grill. You will be amazed and your friends and family impressed when you begin serving succulent slow smoked meats from the lowly, long loved, reliable Weber.

Using fluid dynamics we developed an alternative way to enhance the smoked meat flavor taking advantage of the improved recirculation inside the Weber grill to achieve that coveted competition level taste.

Smoke Plate redefines the ‘low and slow’ cooking style amongst pitmasters all around, by having a large briquette hopper that provides up to eight hours of uninterrupted smoking without the need for refueling.

To take full advantage of the capabilities of your Smoke Plate, light twelve Kingsford briquettes on one corner of the hopper. When fully lit, add the remainder capacity of unlit briquettes and add chunks of your favorite flavoring wood for the ultimate taste.